Short conception



In this elaboration, we present our BIOSYSTEM 3000. This is only a short version that focuses on the main topics in which we show that our research and development are completely different from all the other existing projects dealing with regeneration of deserts.

Our project is the only holistic project that bases on modern science and research.

Beside this elaboration, there is a CD attached presenting pictures and descriptions for this one who wants to know more. Globally, up to now there were many projects and tests beating the desert. All projects are considered to be failed seen from the angle of long-term effect. Greening leaving over salt soil, deep wells that have to be drilled deeper every year without any consideration about groundwater level are no solution.

The one fighting the desert loses. We have to learn to understand the desert to gain it back for living space for men. We have to stop to fight and love what we choose as our task.

The deserts of our planet are growing. The reasons are geophysical changes. The reasons are the cooperation of agricultural monoculture, abuse of artificial manure, evaporation-accelerating irrigation projects (accelerating the drying out and desertification) and other influences. The promotion of desert development by all civilizations worldwide is caused by the lack of holistic view.

All deserts came into being by civilizing overloading of nature.

Big parts of the Gobi desert and of the African deserts former were provenly fertile regions, settled by rich peoples. All civilizations of our planet increasingly expedite the desertification of their soil. The agrarian surface of Switzerland in Europe after the well-known official damage report already is desert (infertile soil) by 30%. Switzerland has no lack of water.

The corn fields of the USA are over salt and the deep wells fail. Steppe becomes desert.

Spain has created big areas of infertility and salinization though 20 billion Euro of investment support of the EU.

Majorca and Tenerife increasingly have problems in growing of vegetables because the soil is over salt faster and irresistibly because of overload. These examples you can almost continue endlessly.

Our project is different to all the other half-hearted tries globally, because the BIOSYSTEM 3000 has a holistic strategy as basis. There are used different most modern technologies that bring an effective and at the same time cheap ecological change in their combination.

The coordination of an adequate networked structure that can be derived from the analysis of desert development is the only way to reverse the growth of desert.

The process hast to be oriented in all its elements towards the energy rules because the desert developed because people neglected this rules in rural economy, settlement, economy and research

for long time.

Our project BIOSYSTEM 3000 allows the faults of past:

In the center stands a greenhouse-initiative that changes into a unroofed open garden landscape after the rules of perm culture after 3 till 5 years. The roofs not needed anymore are moved outdoors into the desert and are completed by new roofs whose production continues. The growth prognosis for this project is the growth in a geometric row. The self-supply is interlocked that highgradly cybernetically that no other investments are necessary. This developing landscape is shaped that way that it resembles the landscape of the Spreewald in Germany where the difference however is that totally new scientific energetic technologies are used. They guarantee higher fertility than the old rural economical methods of monoculture allowed.

The building materials of the project essentially consist of natural growing again raw materials and additionally of the locally minable minerals like for example gravel, gypsum, sand, clay, shale etc.

This method generated water and soil instead of destroy them.

All necessary technologies, equipment and means are locally produced industrially in little workshops and firms. That’s why it’s not a pure horticultural or rural economical system.

The BIOSYSTEM integrates all necessary productive and private areas because it is laid out holistically. The system is independent from import or energy and autonomic and of high creation of value. It costs no licence fees. But it requires a one-of expense of c. 225 000 000 Euros that have to be paid on account with 70 000 000 Euros.

This money is necessary for the project itself. Further apart and detailed information you find on our project CD.

It is objective to let grow the project faster than the growth rates of desert development.

Topical structure of the task: In this short conception, we give an insight in all topics that are basis for our conception. The details are that complex and system-overlapping that the interlocking tasks only can be managed by separate efficient teams. Today, we count with 57 executive firms who have to work together right from start. These firms have different specialist tasks.

The knowledge about these fields of work has to be supervised by 40 specialist bases that have to male available the scientific functions of the newest standard. These tasks are explained on our CD. The shorthanded listing of this conception includes 185 pages of text. At this point, we refer to the worked out building and procedure plan that let explain all bases for development of the necessary net-plan-technology.

The width of this task only can be understood as a cybernetic planning and function. The least part of this task is of rural economical nature. To meet the requirements, there has to be built up an industrial pre-production that the scientific topics can become interlocking functions on-site.

We view the task of desert greening under the following interlocked with each other scientific terms of reference:


Energy balance

Water economy



Economical balance

Economic balance

Geophysical climate development

These eight terms of reference show that our project exceeds the usual aprroach these days. Another method is not possible because there cannot grow a working organization that can run the recultivation faster than the growth of desert.

When we are slow, the desert will devour us.


This topic requires the solution to the question how we can succeed to organize the topic that way that the fellow employees join this project voluntarily and with bigger zest for life. We have the philosophy and the motivation that our personnel recruitment on-site and the life on-site is a reward than a punishment.

We have a conception which can answer these questions openly and which influences physically with professional based means and methods.

The personnel employment demands the step by step integration of 3.500 people in the beginning. Our employees on-site have to be by 10% high intelligent and well educated executives and scientists. Our conception is determined that way that it won’t be necessary any security personnel ad no supervision technology in the humanitarian area.

The objectives determining the project can only be regarded as improved living quality right from the start because the whole planning puts the growing living quality and self-determination of the involved people in the center of attention. A working family policy and the support of the family alliance with the work-deviding economy within the family is also part of this.

The space for development of each employee and his relatives are integrated considerably in the settlement and working system. The system is not an economy world in conventional sense. It’s a performance where, besides the work, leisure time, entertainment and learning units as well as personal hobbies in trainings and courses are supported.

The integration of the most modern interactive means of communication with own radio and TV and EDP programs protects the informed living together. Voting and supply problems are communicated quickly and publicly in the system during the working time and the free time. We manage highest working results because the energy of the involved people is increased physically and the personal objectives of each person are an important part of the motivation. Each family receives an own small fertile garden after c. 3 years which lets enough growing and organization space for vegetable and fruit cultivation with own marketing.

Depending on each wish, it can be chosen an expending or static living arrangement. The support of leisure interests is diversified. The rising landscape is structured that way that it contains high leisure value.

The integration of each person involved is chosen oneself and is changeable and free eligible anytime during the project because a self-constructed culture arises and the desert offers almost infinite and inexhaustible growing spaces.

The service of employees in all levels is competition and efficiency oriented.

Right from the start, there are created little teams with scientific objectives who partake economically in their effort by friendly competition and get highly motivated. We create a cybernetic efficiency-control with high social security and high motivation by an own supply and demand system. A desert-greening camp can become a penal colony. So, the project would have died sociologically and would degenerate to a intolerable political risk. This is excluded right from the start in our project.

We build a system that let pass step by step 30% of the land surface into long lease for personal and private use (in sense of an award system) into family alliance. Behind this, there stands a system derived from the cybernetic rules of the energy rules. Another third is public surface and the last third is trade land that is administrated in sense of a Kibbuz for yield creation. The uncontrolled settling of the landscape is impossible.

As the project is high technological equipped and because these special technologies demand the main working effort and not the rural economical working is the center of attention, there will arise a center of education and research for the whole surrounding area.

Our project offers an increased sociology

Energy balance

Today’s rural economy of the European Union is determined by public subsidies.

They destroy regional structures and force international commercial partners (over the negotiations between the governments) to the purchase of highly subsidized products to adjust trade deficits after the rules of the IMF.

Today, China has to import 25% of its rape oil needs although it would have enough land surface for disposal.

At the same time, newly industrializing countries with decreasing raw material prices become blackmailable.

The subsidies have replaced the protective duties.

It’s unimportant for a production in a country how the import of products is hindered. Both systems are a violation against the international energy balance because the deficit is carried by the increasingly pauperizing population and by the national debt.

Today, the Financial Balance let become invisible the cover-up faults in the energy balance:

The rural economy of the European Union consumes today 300 kcal for the harvest of only 1 kcal. By this method, the agricultural soil for the production of food will be used up in a period of 10 till 20 years.

In order that nobody will notice, the production is dislocated into newly industrializing countries who become new members of the EU. Closing-funds for the worthless soil are paid to the dying local agricultural businesses. This “money without work” let forget silently the problem in Germany.

What Spain cannot earn because of salinization and soil destruction will be earned in Turkey in the future. The today’s yield is bought with an uncovered exchange for the future. Nobody will notice this for a long time because the monies come from public authorities with a buying-power loss of c. 50% in 10 years.

As well as for our BIOSYSTEM 3000, there is a reason for the support of technical genetics and genetic manipulation of genetic material. One aspect is the breeding of “salt-resistant” plants.

Today, we know that our energetic will displace the genetic.

Even today, the traditional physics is in conversion. Firstly, it is an admittance of “new”, i. e. actually ancient energetic concepts that had been stopped at the beginning of the 20th century. Where the scholar physicists and global-scalists still seek for, we even can show practical presentable results in medicine, technics, physics, measuring technique and genetics.

The todays genetic is too slow and too expansive. Furthermore, it assumes from premises which are false behind the knowledge about energetic.

The genetic in sense of improved material manipulation of the RNA and DNA is a very informative and interesting science in the field of research after our knowledge.

But in sense of improved food situation or health it is (for us evident) a false development. It is cybernetically contra productive and follows the ideas of monoculture, monopolization and ignores the energetic consequences. That is not holistic at all.

The deficit of a false value and balance policy is carried by the (nearly) inexhaustible earning power of the working population. 5 million unemployed people and exploding public costs are the visible result in Germany today. The seemingly inexhaustible earning power of the national wealth actually is limited.

Instead of creation of value there arises a displacement of value. Due to the productive power of China an India, the western countries can publish stable stagnation rates and this is what we called here “1, 2 till 2.5% growth of economy of national product”. The take-over of the whole GDR-property into the value balance of the federal republican monopoles has deceived for 15 years that this balance covers a negative development.

At the same time, the structure of 500.000 middle class businesses that have been the substance of full employment in the Federal Republic almost has been destroyed unnoticed. Middle class businesses were, after the official definition, firms with over 300 employees.

An official decreed word content change accepts today all firms from only 1 employee as middle class. So, every “I-corporation” (one person business) and every taxi belong to the middle class.

The number of statistic listed firms hasn’t changed.

But in the last year 2004 (in only 1 year), actually 180.000 I-corporation had been founded with bridging monies subsidized by unemployed people. These firms have only one employee and usually no long-term surviving chances.

That proves: The data balance is right. But the energy balance is wrong.

The federal republican monopoles have created a steadily accelerating fusion carousel. Instead of insolvency, they fuse. A Hedge-Fonds takes over the debts and the bank needn’t show the insolvency-losses.

As long as newly industrializing countries (like the ex-GDR) freely transfuse to western monopoles, this robber economy works.

This statistic failure of the national product-disclosure has been discussed for 10 years in American universities.

These mathematic failures of the nominal instead of the energetic balance occur in all fields of our civilization and so, malfunctions rest unnoticed for a long time. They are basis for structural aberrations that destroy milliards.

That applies for national economy as well as for agriculture.

The situation of agriculture today is totally different to perm-culture of the BIOSYSTEM. In our BIOSYSTEM, it’s possible to earn 300 kcal by investing 100 kcal due to the perm-culture technology. The agricultural soil for the production of food won’t be exhausted by this method.

We don’t use any chemicals, acids, fertilizers and embankment dams. We don’t use any fossil fuels. We don’t release any CO2 by combustion engines. We don’t produce any nuclear fuel-waste which has to be disposed at duty of the public authorities.

We don’t generate a climate movement, but regional climate stabilization with controlled water-balance.

So, the energy balance is ok.

Who wants to recultivate the desert successfully may not lie to himself. The desert doesn’t forgive any faults.

The desert has another energetic structure than normal agricultural areas:

In the daytime, extremely high surface temperatures prevail. Only water cooled seeds can survive. In the night, extremely low surface-temperatures prevail. What is not protected energetically, dies.

One only can calculate and control the real costs of a long-term regeneration by a scientifically exact energy-balance.

The today usual use of deserts in agricultural businesses using green house cultivation or watered plantations generates depletion at duty of the public authorities.

The costs for watering, salinization, evaporation and rain absence by accelerated thermal won’t be paid by these firms. The result is the shrinkage of Chinese living space and growth of desert. With this today usual system little necessary subsidies become bigger in course of time.

No intelligent businessman knowing these coherences would invest in an agriculture with these huge cost-intensive long time consequences. Because the result is clearly calculable: 300 kcal investment for the earning of 1 kcal.

It’s time to see, to accept the truth and to choose the solution with the BIOSYSTEM 3000:

Our system is different holistically and calculable from the today usual practice. We Don’t need any fossil fuels because we use free energy generators and wind power. Otherwise, the greening of desert would swallow unpayable masses of energy without this technology. The industrial production of all needed helping and producing materials as well as heat energy at night and cooling energy in the daytime and every transport logistic would not be payable without this technique.

Enough energy reserves can be built with this technology to desalinate regional salt water occurrences and to use it as industrial water for watering.

A desert recultivation after a honest energy balance calculation is impossible with a dependence of the increasing mineral oil market because it is business economically not payable. Even the national economical earning power of China wouldn’t be enough for that show of strength.

Even today, it’s clear that China obviously miscalculated in 2 factors in the national economical creation of value development. Publicly, it’s known: the factor of the growing raw material and energy prices shows a lack of at least 20%. With aid of the BIOSYSTEM 3000, there would be given growth possibilities that could adjust the lacking creation of value.

Water economy

A false agricultural system only slowly destroys the bases of the own supply.

The sins firstly become aware to a minority directly dealing with this topic with a delay of 10 till 20 years.

The majority of the population does not know anything. With a false energy balance and increasing financial investments, one can monopolize an unbalanced water economy to the debit of the population.

The task is like in Europe easily assigned to a monopole having no interests in revising the unbalance but the more it earns and turning over the more dependent the state and inhabitants become by water pipes.

To imagine these cybernetic coherences, a long term view is needed:

An embankment dam in Utah (State in the USA) built for the regional watering by milliards of US$ of investments, oversalted in 15 years. Only 10% of the construction sum would have been needed to turn the desert of this state without an embankment dam into a fertile perm culture. At the same time, the ground water level of the surrounding area fell that much that all wells of the regional supply ebbed. But the social product rose because not all migrated inhabitants of the surrounding area have to buy the water directly at the embankment dam operating company.

Another example are the American corn fields watered by deep wells. The whole farming economy of little businesses with many jobs became a structureless monopole business in a period of over 40 years.

The drilling again and again of the deep wells more and more fail quicker because the ground water level falls.

Not the causers pay the caused costs but the public authorities in debit of the population.

The social product and the earning of the combination of geno-technologies for creation of salt-resistant plants pretend a huge profit.

The whole economical situation of the ESP in the USA is in a heavily indebted state. That is not only because of the war.

One can continue this list endlessly. Everywhere, the ground water levels falls. Everywhere, water monopoles become mightier and earnings lesser.

For 3 years, the world corn harvest is lesser than the value demand for feeding of the population.

Up to now, the surplus of the old inventories in the industrial countries were had protected against shortage.

But the end is preassigned.

The BIOSYSTEM is the only way to evade the traced development.

A perm culture has another cybernetic impact than the traditional monoculture.

The estimated energy balance in the BIOSYSTEM shows a positive balance for our future water economy. The water economy in the BIOSYSTEM demands a roof construction made of hydrosilicon and bamboo protecting against evaporation in the first 3 years. By this, the water investment is kept low, the desertification is been reversed, the plant facing is built and the use of energy over a tube heating system with the BIOSYSTEM soil controlling system is possible. The necessary amount of water becomes biomass and thus humus by permanent circulation and cleaning by reed treatment in perm culture effect. The real amount of water rests in the BIOSYSTEM except for a very little evaporation (because of closed system).

We needn’t describe here in this short conception the cultivation of water in a greening house with an own bio-water treatment plant because we can expect this as a known technique.

The necessary amount of water of 500.000 m3 each hectare and year can be gained locally from deep wells or inflow or saltwater regeneration in the first 3 years. If lesser water is available, the growth prognosis becomes lower but the needed amount of water does not increase.

From the beginning of the 5th year, the BIOSYSTEM annually generates constantly 250.000 m3 each hectare because the regional amount of rainfall will change permanently by the change of micro climate and by the lifting of the ground water level.


The desertification process is considered to be irreversible until today.

When the wind has changed the soil quality into a infertile coarse grained granulate because of the dryness of the soil because it blows away all particular materials of the - humus, no usual plant can root.

The plant germs wither. This has several reasons that cause a cybernetic collection of interacting factors.

Temperature and light energetically overtax the physiology during the germing phase.

Lack of water although watering because lack of humus does not bind any water in the germ.

Coarseness does not give any biochemical working surface to the germ and prevents adhesion.

Because of lacking microbes (spiders and acarines and others), the necessary micro soil structure rests unmoved and nonventilated.

Over-stressing of the plant germs before the necessary root building prevents the humin output of the plants. At last, the plants die faster than expected by over-stressing.

Watering in association with fertilizer causes salinization. So, the desert stays desert.

Here are our solutions:

In our conception of the BIOSYSTEM 3000, we have several complexly interacting factors that can influence these detailed researched coherences by industrially manufactured means.

Temperature and light are controlled by roofing, so that it’s tolerable for plants. Day and night change prevents growth stop.

Lack of water at the germ is prevented and water is bound at the germ by an energetizised zeolite-layer.

Coarseness has no importance at zeolite buffering.

Lacking effective micro organisms for the preparing soil chemistry are cultured biotechnically and atomized.

Lacking microbes (spiders and acarines) are multiplied by breeding energetization. Micro soil structure is multiplied by fast growing biomass production in the canal system because there is enough surplus energy.

Over-stressing the plant germs is changed energetically by AFS-energetization (temperature- and stress-resistance).

The growth factor increases threefoldly in the same time.

The energetization takes place by the water-resonance-communication at the cytoplasm. The impact for the pest defense is analogue, without any insecticides.

Pests are reduced by more than 90%.

This beats the effect of DDT. The humus building happens by settlement trash, faeces, plant waste, water economy, fungal, algae and waste disposal.

Surplus energy reserves of our technology and energy recovery processes can create immense amounts of humus basic material as biomass.

At last, the perm culture stabilizes itself because the cover of vegetation is never again opened large-area and is no more exposed to the usual erosion of the former agriculture.


The salinization of traditionally farmed agricultural areas is a slow process.

The reduction of the earning power connected with it is usually answered by the use of more chemicals because the plants become sick because of the destruction of the soil balance.

Closed monocultural areas create a parched thermal that supports the salinization.

Today, one counters by the utilization of diversified watering. These have a short term amelioration effect. It’s only optically because the salinization progresses the faster.

The higher the salinization rises, the more one waters until the salinization wins this race and the earnings stay away.

In green houses the soil usually is exchanged not later than after 5 years because of this. In Spain this exchange method already is given up and the cheap plastic green houses are simply let abandoned as soon as the soil is over salt.

The salinization of the soil also causes a salinization of the soil water.

The energy reserves of the world aren’t enough by the use of the today usual technique to treat economically this salinization. Our current culture dependent of oil and fossil fuels or expansive nuclear energy didn’t give any answer to these processes.

A scientific basic research is also missing that let physically and mathematically record and theoretically derive the energetic condition of aggregation of the crystallization.

The water research after Dr. Emoto however is a little public known beginning.

For 10 years, we have put these methods on a totally new field-theory base that let use this crystallization know-how.

Crystal structures have another energetic effect in the physical resonance than amorphous compositions. This is mathematically verifiable. The consequence is that we can today cognize and influence chemical forces as result of energetic processes.

The conditions of aggregation of matter can be influenced energetically.

Today, we fabricate crystal systems 1000 times stronger than natural crystal changing the energetics in man, animals, plants and soil structures.

This is also affirmed by two certificates after the methods of the old physics.

But the old physics no yet has a method to understand our measurement technique because no efficient field theoretical analyzing technique about the methodology of the “global scaling” (improved frequency theory) could be developed by the classical physics.

Today, we have measurement methods that can sensationally enrich the field theory. We have this knowledge and we also use it.

Today, we work indeed in laboratory measures but we already have over 300 clients who have ameliorated their health with this method. We can metrologically scientifically prove the results in individual cases. In our nanotechnology, there are today relatively simple possibilities of changing the material condition of aggregation.

Without this technology, the desert recultivation is impossible.

What can counter the salinization of the soil alternatively what can reverse the salinization, also works in other application areas.

The cell metabolism in man, animals and plants also is dependent of these energetic processes. This is why we can for example let grow plants without fertilizers three times faster and mass wealthier, that means more productive in leaf and fruit.

We are the only society that can change over salt soil into top soil.

That happens with an energetic influence. The condition of aggregation of the salt crystal is changed energetically.

It’s also comprehensible with the basic theory of physics on the basis of the most modern string-theory (after Dr. Euler) whose mathematical methods today are also accepted for a short time publicly by the scholar physics.

For ten years, we already work with bio-photonics and zero-point energy in use.

Our first research group came into being in the human medicine 30 years ago in the exploration of of interference fields and their impact in the mora-technology.

Business economical balance

We assume that a project is financeable only when the business economical profit is given for a long time.

We planned a structure with our planning and development of the BIOSYSTEM 3000 consisting of 57 separate companies. Every company would be business economically profitable on its own.

This structural classification makes sure that the lots of necessary separate work steps can be managed in little units. The separate companies are autonomous that means self-responsible. They have an own planning, personal economy, accountancy and an own time management as well as administration technique and communication systems. Each company is subject to an own business economically secured administration after the today usual international scientific business economical rules.

At first, the working companies are built having a minimum workforce of c. 1.500 employees. This staff has to be extended in the following 3 years. After that the overlapping 40 institutions will be built.

But the beginning of the work consists of the local work, but on a very high technical and scientific level.

It’s a logical method to coordinate these workings cybernetically self-controlling excluding planning faults because the practical demand on site sets the pace and influences the building focuses. The logistics less meet the planned economy and decisively more a free economical structure allowing the forces of self-regulation at the smallest structural level. Thereby, a decentralized and self-motivated self-controlling in each separate company is achieved. That means high flexibility on the lowest level at economical use of the rare financial means.

By investing 225 million Euro, this would be equivalent with the building of c. 3.500 jobs after 3 years.

That makes an investment of c. 65,000 Euro per job by simultaneous roofing of 200 ha of agricultural gardening area. That would be c. 4 million Euro per working company.

This shows a structure of little companies with highest efficiency and technically high basic equipment.

That would be 112.5 Euro per each square meter.

All machines, devices, generators, electronics, buildings, infrastructure and each accessory are included in this calculation that one can re-use the built roofs 10 times without any investment or subsidies.

We can achieve more ameliorations what we can even today plan with by the further development of the silane-technology.

These figures make visible that only the value in the agricultural efficiency by the reproducibility is achieved at less than 10 Euro per square meter greening after 10 years.

Simultaneously, we have achieved that c. 3.500 people have a new home, housing and work at highest supply level.

No skyscraper culture! Flat and garden combined in a livable environment.

This is a development that can even pass the usual western living standard.

It’s included working transport logistics, all public investments and functions, all sewage waters and water treatments and each necessary recycling. (Not included in these costs is an access to the railway and the highway)

This colony is self-sustaining after 5 years.

We did this short conception without a presentation of a planning analysis of the separate companies because in the contemporary business economy a company structure with competent constitution is routine that could be challenged calculationally only by regional market factors and by competition reasons by an oversupply.

The special business economical plannings of the gardening and agricultural areas also don’t need any detailed argumentation.

Anybody knows today that a well-organized greenhouse business gives rich yields and works profitable.

But the BIOSYSTEM 3000 has extreme special advantages:

The energy is provided from free energy without any overheads in unlimited size. (Felix Project)

The water is self-produced in the system (after recultivation).

The soil needn’t to be revolved every 3 or 5 years.

The production of the houses will lie under the tenth of the contemporary greenhouse building costs due to the silane-research and bamboo-construction.

The working intensity of the cultivation of land with the perm-culture after the terrace building is reduced to below 10%. This is proved by the Holzer-System (after Sepp Holzer from Austria).

The costs for fertilizers and pest poisons escape because the water resonance influence takes this part (power-djed).

The plant-energetization let ascend the growth power up to 300%. Stress-resistance ascends by 5 degrees plus/minus!

Weather effects can be balanced by energy management and can be reduced down to almost total nullity.

There is a very high creation of value so that the break-even point is business economically achieved after c. 5 years because all involved companies work at the field of raw materials and energy extraction (agricultural and technical) and because the main objective is the autonomous self-supply.

Not included in this calculation are the enormous yield reserves achieved in tourism and in the supply power of the environment.

The positive coil development in China also can be used by companies and employees in the EU because of cybernetic integration, return on investment and creation of capital.

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The situation in Europe can only be described with a self-inflicted crisis. The facts are visible for everyone!

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By the work of the GESELLIGEN AG, we have a company that can help everyone!

National economical balance

We assume that this BIOSYSTEM-project is supported by the state by a tax exemption of 10 years so that the return of investment is supported and that after the first test field of 200 ha an extremely high flow of funds of private investments can be put into the desert greening.

The national economical profit thus commences pure mathematically fiscally no sooner than after 10 years.

But the project itself is absolutely capital-forming.

It’s the only possibility for a state to assure a real social product amelioration.

It sees to new creation of value in the areas of raw material extraction, agriculture, energy economy, climate change.

The BIOSYSTEM is the last agricultural reformation. It’s a necessary step in sense of evolution for the supply of all people in the world.

The traditional agriculture has provenly no further expansion possibilities.

That is why this conception of the BIOSYSTEM hast to be brought from the lab to reality.

The national profit occurring immediately is a mental amelioration of all levels because the desert greening is a push with visionary force. Politicians and manager making this possible are heroes of the nation.

The daily reporting is that intensive positive that a new permanent TV series can report from the project daily with new impressive pictures and numbers.

Everyone in the population can follow and understand the progress. Instead of fear of the desert a atmosphere of departure with concrete objectives is shown.

The whole population becomes stronger and more engaged in such a situation.

Good economical policy is q question of optimistical command at all levels. This project creates such necessary signals.

The projects initiated with this project outside the supported region that will rise because of the know-how development are immediately fiscally efficient and raise the public revenue.

National economically, the flow of funds after the own creation of capital is very important. This project will act globally and will surpass the international competitive ability of China in research, education and economy by every imaginable size today.

Geophysical climate development

Up to now, deserts were always seen as a phenomenon occurring by itself.

Actually, they are geophysical logical consequences that becoming inescapable by disturbances in the ecosystem caused by man.

The contemporary cognitions prove that not lack of water is the only reason.

Actually, man achieved soil destruction where was and is enough water. (Evidence: Research report of Switzerland).

The reversion of the destruction processes however request the consideration of the geophysical regional influences building the local micro climate and that can stabilize the destruction process.

The disordered regional thermal, the airflows and the soil formation influence the success of our project in the installation phase.

Normally, the water supply in the desert is limited by condensation. But it’s an influenceable process ex an area of 200 ha.

There were tests in the Arabian Desert where this was practiced by the Orgon-technology after Reich.

There was created rain in the desert. We only mention this technology as an example but we consider this applied technology as unserious because it doesn’t include the moved polarity in plants and people by neutral field research.

People, animals and plants react very sensitively on disturbance of the morphogenetic field.

In opposition to the mentioned research area that is a quasi ancestor of our works, we can meantimely measure the fields that the frequency theory cannot measure.

Today, we know that the polarity of the fields always works against the health, also at very low interaction of asymmetric voltage abnormities because they are unbalanced (like in the Orgon-theory after Reich or in the American long wave technique). The damage is only visible than after years but is scientifically verifiable.

Our project always has been planned and researched under the holistic aspect.

Our project changes the climate by controlled changing of the surface temperature in each 80 square meters sized particular roof of the BIOSYSTEM. 200 ha consist of 24,691 particular roofs building the whole first roofed area. The thermal above this area is controllable. Additionally, we use the roof warming for energy extraction for the soil-temperature-control.

An important reason for desertification is the disturbed thermal above watered areas of mono-culture and above water supply dams.

In opposition to the BIOSYSTEM, these negative up-air-flows are irreversible and not controllable and are in perpetuity of years extremely harmful for the micro-climate because it reduces continuously the condensation and increases continuously the water demand.

The energetic disturbance causes a cost coil

That is why the BIOSYSTEM works otherwise:

After c. 3 years, we can count with a regionally changed micro-climate situation. We know that because the anthropologists in Europe have found a method of climate influence verified by excavation where our Celtic ancestors have developed and executed the “jump-technology”. This knowledge widely got lost.

But today, we can decode these functions by our energy-research.

The river Chi in China is known since time immemorial and often used.

The statistic exploration and evaluation of the climate forming became an accepted experience science in the meteorology. One can develop prognoses of that aren’t very reliable indeed, but are helpful in every respect.

Today, the science knows that globally, the climate change also shows that the air absorbs more water than before and suddenly unloads regionally. So, almost unexpected condensations come about in regions haven’t planned them. Floodings, abnormities in air-mass-flow, thunder-storms are usual today.

Closing words

We tried show the fullness of this topic with the particular references to the basic research.

We have the opinion that the imparting of the efficiency of the BIOSYSTEM 3000 only can be explained in a meeting of minimum 3 days in coarse details.

What we carried over up to now legitimates all the following steps of development.

We are pleased that you are interested in our project and wish us all that we can correct the negative developments together by beginning on site.

Greetings from Berlin is sending the BIOSYSTEM-Team!

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